Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sinful - Fusion Neon

Today I have Sinful Fusion Neon. Fusion Neon is a bright neon pink.
Application on this sucked. All the problems of a Sinful creme with the added balding and streaking of a thin neon. But hey, I'm tired and I wanted something that would dry fast, so I can get some sleep tonight.

Basecoat: Gelous (1 coat)
Color: Sinful Fusion Neon (4 coats)
Topcoat: Out the Door (1 coat)

This color really screwed with my camera - it is a brighter pink in real life.

In other news, my Jessica order came in. I really wanted Yellow Flame, since I've heard it's an opaque neon yellow that doesn't need a white base. To round out my order and justify the shipping, I also picked up Pink Explosion and Electric Teal. I didn't know until I saw the bottle that Electric Teal has shimmer. Turned up Turquoise dupe? Maybe. I may compare them this weekend.


  1. I dislike Sinful Colors. I may just only buy their glitters because I tried Hottie 831 and i love it! but the other two polishes i recently purchased from Sinful Colors are poor quality to me ;/ Im having problems with my camera otherwise I would post pics but I just did a post on Sinful Colors: Fiji

    They have such pretty colors but the quality of these polishes suck to me ;/

  2. Yeah, you would think I know better by now. The Sinful cremes are pretty much all terrible. I love the glitters, though - Nail Junkie, Hottie, the orange one, and the pink one (yeah, I forgot their names). "Rise and Shine" was pretty nice, too - a teal shimmer that reminds me a lot of CG "Custom Kicks". Everything else routinely takes a million coats, though.

    I keep getting sucked in by the pretty colors and the cheap price.