Monday, March 19, 2012

Jessica - Electric Teal

I actually pulled out China Glaze Aquadelic to wear the day I put this on, and then I decided I wanted something a little more vibrant.  I compared Electric Teal to Turned up Turquoise and Sinful Rise and Shine, but I don't think I ever wore this on its own, so I'm still tagging this "indecision clouds my vision".

Basecoat:  NailTek Foundation II (1 coat)
Color:  Jessica Electric Teal (3 coats)
Topcoat:  Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (1 coat)

This was seriously on like the fourth day of wear or something ridiculous like that.  And it's still overcast.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Essie - Pretty Edgy, Kleancolor - Green With Envy, Color Club - Object of Envy

Slackity, slack slack.  Actually I've been doing a LOT of knitting, and frequent polish changes and knitting don't really get along.

Anyway, here is my St Patrick's Day nails.  I think the Color Club is "tried" - everything else is untried, and yes, I've had Pretty Edgy since I did that comparison WAY back at the beginning of this blog and it was STILL sitting in my untried drawer.

Basecoat:  NailTek Foundation II (1 coat)
Color:  Essie Pretty Edgy (3 coats)
Color:  Kleancolor Green With Envy (1.5 coats)
Color:  Color Club Object of Envy (1 coat)
Topcoat:  Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat (1 coat)

Yes, that's a lot of coats, but I don't mind because this came out way better than I hoped it would.  Pretty Edgy applied flawlessly.  It was a tiny bit dustier than I expected, actually - I don't know if I'm just remembering it wrong, or it's changed slightly as it's been sitting untouched.  Anyway, I knew I was glittering it up, so no big deal.  Pretty Edgy was almost totally opaque in three coats.

Green With Envy has a very slightly green tinted base, or maybe the glitter is leaching out into the base a little.  Whatever the cause, the end result was that it added just the perfect amount of yellow to Pretty Edge, making it the perfect St Patrick's Day green.  It's a fairly chunky glitter - medium hex pieces, and a few tiny glitters, and of course I had trouble getting even distribution.  So when I finished applying I wasn't totally happy with it, so I pulled out...

Object of Envy.  I've worn this before and I think I felt like three coats would be reasonably opaque on its own.  Anyway, I applied one coat over everything and it's PERFECT.  The only thing I would do differently next year (and oh yeah, I'm definitely wearing this again) is apply Object of Envy before Green With Envy, so that the bigger glitter shines more.