Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orly - Lunar Eclipse

Today my husband slept through his alarm, so I worked at home and let him have the shower first. So, I changed my polish. It's still summer, but today it's rainy and not anywhere close to as hot as it's been, so I pulled out Orly Lunar Eclipse.
Lunar Eclipse is a blue jelly base (I think) with purple and blue sparkle. If this wasn't enough, it also reflects pink at certain angles.
Basecoat: Salon Sciences Fiberglass Network (2 coats)
Color: Orly Lunar Eclipse (3 coats)
Topcoat: Out the Door (1 coat)

This photo actually was closer to what this polish looks like in real life than it looked on my camera's screen. It's still not really close. This flashed much more purple in my lightbox and I just could not get it on camera. I think a sun picture would be better, but of course, there's no sun today.

Application was decent. This is a little runnier than you would expect, and I have that weird thing going on where there's not as much polish at my tips even though I used long strokes. Cleanup was a biatch, so be careful with your application.

I have read that Lunar Eclipse is almost a dupe for OPI DS Magic. Magic is on my wish list, so I don't have it to compare, but when I get it I will. From the photos I've seen, Magic doesn't have the purple flash, but again, neither does Lunar Eclipse in my photos, so who knows.

New post Friday - have a great rest of the week!

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