Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Zoya - Savita

Yeah, so I totally destroyed my Passion in the Pacific mani. I nudged one nail somehow, and the entire thing just peeled off. I wasn't about to re-do it at 9:30, so I slapped on Zoya Savita. Here's a crappy phone pic.

Basecoat: OPI Ridge Filler (1 coat)
Color: Zoya Savita (3 coats)

I always use a basecoat, even with mattes. I haven't found that significantly reduces the wear, maybe because my polish rarely lasts more than a couple of days anyway.

Savita is pretty. The consistency was pretty terrible - you can see a glop on my pinky finger that I wasn't able to get rid of in time. I got it fairly even. The color is nice - I will probably slap a coat of Seche on it tomorrow night or something. Meh.

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