Saturday, June 26, 2010

Comparison: China Glaze Pool Party and Color Club Warhol; Zoya Exchange

So today I had time to compare China Glaze Pool Party and Color Club Warhol.  I am wearing Warhol on my toes, and was planning to wear Pool Party on my fingers, when I noticed that they seemed identical in the bottle.  I don't really do matching mani/pedi, so back into the stash it went. 

I used two coats of Wet N Wild French White as a base on my index and middle fingers.  I used three coats on all fingers.  Here they are under daylight lamps (more on this later):

I have Pool Party on my index and ring fingers, and Warhol on my middle finger and pinky.   Here they are next to a window on a sunny day.

The neon-ness really shows up in this photo.  I went outside to take a picture:
 These are pretty dupe-y.  You only need both if you are a completionist, or you really love neon pinks (as I do).  Pool party leans a little warmer than Warhol and Warhol is a tiny bit more opaque.  I wasn't very careful with my white base coat, and I had VNL on all four nails.  You'll definitely want a non-streaky white basecoat if VNL bugs you.

Next, I got my Zoya Exchange package in Friday.  I wasn't able to take pictures until tonight.  A note about these photos - they look COMPLETELY different from any of my previous photos.  I have Emily of Squared Nails to thank.  She posted an outstanding tutorial series that I was thrilled to see - I have next to no knowledge of photography.  I had been planning to get a light box anyway, but after reading this I purchased one today and set it up.  Here is the first part of my Zoya Exchange haul:
Wait, what the heck is that?  It must be Pixel, my art director.

She's decided to offer her advice on my photo shoot.
Yeah, now she's just being obnoxious.  After this interruption, I continued:
From left to right:  Dita, Lola, Katy, Blyss, Ginger, Sweet, Kiki, Tobey
Left to right:  Renee, Anaka, Jessika, Bijou, Paz, Lindsay, Evangeline, Barbie
Left is Elodie, right is Anastasia.  I also picked up the Color Lock system, because I've always had trouble with the durability of my Zoya manicures, plus I usually have tip pulling no matter what I try.
Now, when I bought this on Zoya's website, they had two versions up.  One for $48, and one for $40.  What was the difference?  The $40 kit included this:

A giant bottle of Remove.  I'm about to say something unpopular:  I don't like Remove.  The thing everyone else raves about, the smell?  I can't stand it.  But for an eight dollar discount, I'll take the huge bottle.  And, I'll even give it a legitimate chance instead of dismissing it immediately because of the smell.

I think I'm going to put on Kiki tomorrow, and test out the Color Lock system.  Look for another post then.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I'm so glad my tutorials helped you out. Your photos look great - silly cat! :)