Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nubar haul

Finally got my hands on my Nubar order.  Turns out they sent it to my old apartment, even though 1) I haven't lived there in 4 months and 2) my ship confirmation only has my new address on it.  No response from customer service yet.

Anyway, I picked up the Get Hot collection, Reclaim, and 2010.  I missed Reclaim when I got part of the green collection, and I have not even seen the display with Hidden Treasure in any of my local stores, so since 2010 seems like a dupe, I went with that.

Top row, L to R:  Lime Green, Hot Yellow, Hot Green, Hot Red, Hot Pink
Bottom row, L to R:  Hot Orange, Nubar 2010, Reclaim, Hot Blue, Hot Fucshia

As if I didn't already have enough trouble deciding what to wear next!

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