Monday, June 21, 2010

Misa - Hot People Like You

Tonight's NOTD is Misa's Hot People Like You. The name of this has bugged me for a while - does it mean you are a "Hot People", or does it mean Hot People think you're awesome?

Anyway, this is one of the first Misas I acquired. It was in the same Head 2 Toe haul as, oh, a ton of other colors. It's been in my stash for quite a while. This is a hot pink shimmer. I would stop just short of calling it a neon. It was also fairly sheer, which you can tell from looking at the bottle. Today while I was looking at Zoya swatches for the Exchange (Shush! I'm not technically buying it!) I came across Scrangie's swatch of this and remembered I had it in my stash. I searched for someone else's swatch, too, because somehow Scrangie's swatches NEVER show VNL. Here are three photos, all under halogen.
I notice in the photos that it looks a little more orange than it is in real life. This is definitely pink, not in the least coral or orange.
This next photo is under somewhat more indirect light. I was trying to capture the shimmer but don't think I succeeded very well.
Basecoat: Orly Ridgefiller (2 coats - I was trying to help the opacity)
Color: Misa Hot People Like You (4 coats)
Topcoat: Seche Vite (1 coat)

It isn't visible in the photos, but I still have some VNL going on. It's not too bad - I think you would only notice it if you were looking for it, but of course I'm always looking for it. This dried shiny but I always love how Seche gives it that extra shine, and I swear it seemed to kick up the color's intensity a little.

I'm sending in 18 old polishes for the Zoya exchange. I spent way too much time looking at swatches, and I already have a big ol backlog of Zoya in my untried pile. I think it is because last year I never looked at swatches and went straight off the swatches on, so a lot of the polishes I got looked nothing like I pictured them. I'll post my haul when it arrives. I also ordered the Color Lock system, because it seems like I always have problems with Zoya polishes and tip pulling. I've tried wearing a regular top coat (like OPI) under Seche, and this helps a little, but isn't perfect.

Have a great rest of the week - I'll be back on Thursday with a new color and hopefully some sun pictures, since I'll be working at home.

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