Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Claire's - Green pastel mini

Today I have a itty bitty teeny tiny baby Claire's mini. Like, .25 oz baby. This was part of a multi pack of minis that are basic rainbow colored pastel creme minis.

This was surprisingly difficult to capture accurately on camera.

Basecoat: Salon Science Fiberglass Network (1 coat)
Color: Claire's itty bitty teeny tiny baby green pastel mini (3.5 coats)
Topcoat: Seche Vite (1 coat)

Please to ignore my not-totally-soaked-in cuticle oil and the place where I stabbed myself with tweezers on my middle finger.

About my basecoat - my bottle of Instant Artificials came with this tiny bottle of Fiberglass Network. Seriously tiny - I mean, my color was .25 oz - this was .14 oz. I decided to use it for my basecoat tonight, and I think I really like it. It dries to a unique texture I've never seen before but it really did seem to help my polish apply better. If I still like it when I take this off I'm definitely going to get a full bottle.

Application was pretty terrible, but still better than I expected. I did a mini swatch of this before put it on and was surprised to find I wouldn't need a white basecoat. Bonus! This polish was thick and a little streaky, but I would have only needed the standard three coats if the brush wasn't so terrible. I didn't have any wild brush bristles but the brush as a whole was hard to control with any accuracy. I did have to be careful with dragging and bald spots but I'm still surprised I didn't need more coats.

This color looks a lot more neon in photos than it is in real life. It is still pretty bright, but it may look that way to me because my hands are tanned. It is definitely a warm weather color, but I bet this would be cute as part of a spring or Easter mani.

I am thinking about putting a coat of either Orly Twilight or China Glaze Fairy Dust over this tomorrow. We'll see. I'm thinking if I do I may not post a picture, because it may be very hard to capture on camera.

Thanks for reading!

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