Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OPI - Mad as a Hatter

I've had Mad as a Hatter since it came out, but I never wore it until now.
I have a new backdrop in my lightbox. I'm thinking it doesn't work and I need to find another one.
Basecoat: Salon Sciences Fiberglass Network (2 coats)
Color: Essie Loophole (2 coats)
Color: OPI Mad as a Hatter (4 coats)
Topcoat: OPI Top Coat (1 coat)
Topcoat: Seche Vite (1 coat)

I forgot about the regular topcoat trick to keep SV from shrinking until after I'd already slapped a coat of Seche on my pinky finger. So, I have a good bit of shrink on that nail but only the glitter - Loophole stayed just fine.

I wanted really opaque coverage so I went to four coats of MaaH. Application was just what you would think for this much glitter - hard to control, cleanup sucked.

Really, really pretty though :)

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