Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Effects - Bling it On

Normally I try to not wear the same kind of color two days in a row, but I was in a HUGE hurry to put something on.  Also, I totally forgot to take a photo of the box before I threw it away.  Oops.

Bling it On is a multitoned pink glitter.  The base is clear, but you can't really tell unless you look very closely.  In the second photo there is a spot that looks like a wrinkle on my middle finger - nope, that's where I tore a strip too soon and put on another one right over it.

Some people say they can use one package twice, but I can't.  My only complaint about these strips is that they are almost all way too large for my fingers - I use the third largest one for my thumb, and then I usually use the three smallest for my other fingers (I can usually use one twice - I just flip it to the other end).  They are all pretty straight vertically, so if you fingernails aren't totally straight you might have an awkward gap on the sides of your nails (like I do).

I find that these are really easy to apply. I had a harder time than usual today because it's very warm here, so the polish strips were a little floppier than usual.  Still, I managed to not get any wrinkles this time.  I usually apply the strip, then let it "set" for a few seconds before carefully pulling the free edge taut and filing until it breaks.  I find that I rarely have rough edges this way.

Another funny thing - if this was a polish I probably would not have even bought it.  I actually like the multi-colored one much better (Frock Star, IIRC), and will probably buy that one again, just like I've already bought two more boxes of the flowered design.

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