Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Catherine

Catherine is a purple-ish shimmer with fine purple and blue sparkle. It is one of the Tudor collection, so of course I had to have all four.
For some reason, I always end up having to take RBL bottle photos with flash. This particular polish is a lot lighter in color than it appears in this photo.

Basecoat: Salon Sciences Fiberglass Network (2 coats)
Color: Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine (3 coats)
Topcoat: David (1 coat)

Application was very nice. Catherine is a little thicker than Scrangie and I had a little trouble with streakiness. The shimmer and sparkle is pretty subtle. I was attending a conference the day I wore this, and in the indirect lighting they used for the meeting rooms, it just looked purple-gray. Still, this is a really pretty polish, and I'm definitely going to wear it again.

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