Thursday, October 28, 2010

Haul: China Glaze Holiday, Zoya Flame, other stuff

I recently ordered a good part of the China Glaze Holiday collection and some other miscellaneous stuff.
This is my TransDesign haul. I added NYS Amaranth (this is a lot bluer than I expected based on everyone's photos - I love it!), Color Club Untamed Luxury, and Color Club Snakeskin. Out of the green China Glaze set I only really wanted Mistletoe Kisses, but it was out of stock. In hindsight I should have just ordered it from VNS anyway.

This was my VNS haul. I got the China Glazes TD didn't have (plus an unbroken Peppermint Cuticle Oil! I'm still buying a backup when I see it anyway). I also got the OPI Halloween mini set from... last year? And two Forsythes - Heart Strings (dusty pink with gold shimmer and round holo glitter) and Stepping Out (candy pink).

I also ordered the Zoya Flame set. I only really want about two of them, but finally there is a Lisa polish (even though I don't really like it) so I got the whole set anyway. I also threw in Kelly.

I'm not really into the Zoya spoon things, but if they are the same as the color plates I got free, I'm impressed. They are really heavy acrylic - much more solid than I expected.

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