Monday, October 25, 2010

China Glaze - Stroll and Nicole - Sensational Scarlet

Stroll is a dark red glitter. I wasn't originally planning a layered manicure today, but I got through two coats of Stroll and was rearranging some polishes in one of my Helmer drawers and came across Sensational Scarlet and decided to layer that on top.
Stroll's application was really good. At two coats it was a little streaky but three would have fixed it right up. I didn't take any photos of Stroll alone. As you can see from the bottle photo, Sensational Scarlet requires a lot of shaking as the glitter likes to settle to the bottom of the bottle. Sensational Scarlet is a red jelly with red glitter and larger round holographic pieces of glitter. From the bottles you might think that Sensational Scarlet is a lot lighter, but when I applied it I saw that it really isn't that much lighter.

Now that I'm finished with this I'm glad I layered SS over something else. SS is thick and super bumpy. I had to use two coats of topcoat and it still isn't completely smooth.

Basecoat: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Basecoat (2 coats)
Color: China Glaze Stroll (2 coats)
Color: Nicole Sensational Scarlet (1 coat)
Topcoat: David (2 coats)

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