Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Orly - Calypso Breeze and OPI - Absolutely Alice

Today I decided to wear Absolutely Alice, which, with Mad as a Hatter, has been sitting in my untried stash since I got it. I did a mini swatch and determined that this needed a base under it, so I chose Orly Calypso Breeze. (In other news, in the two minutes I had the swatch on, it stained horribly.) Both of these are lighter in color than I could get them in bottle pics.
Calypso Breeze had a nice application. I can't speak too much to it, because I only used one coat, but I can tell that if you were careful you could get complete coverage in one coat.
Basecoat: NailTek Foundation II (1 coat)
Basecoat: Salon Sciences Fiberglass Network (1 thick coat - bet it will still stain)
Color: Orly Calypso Breeze (1 coat)
Color: OPI Absolutely Alice (3 coats)
Topcoat: OPI Top Coat (1 coat)
Topcoat: China Glaze Fast Forward (1 coat)

Wow, that is a lot of coats!

Absolutely Alice applied about like you would expect for a glitterbomb like this. It has finer glitter than a lot of other glitters, so even though it was a little gloppy and hard to control, it wasn't too bad and the surface was only a little bumpy. Cleanup was a nightmare, as you'd expect.

Fast Forward. Hmmm. I got this with the China Glaze Awakening Halloween set. I'd never tried it before except inadvertently. This stuff smells AWFUL. It smells like acetone-flavored Juicy Fruit gum. I mean, my cat ran away as I was putting this on. But, it did do a nice job of leveling and smoothing out the bumpy texture of the glitter that the OPI top coat didn't smooth completely. It's not as shiny as Seche nor does it dry as fast, but it's an acceptable substitute - if only it didn't smell so, so terrible!

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