Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nubar - Night Sparkle and Fire Sparkle

Yes, it's the return of the glitter-bomb Rangers manicure.  Both these Nubars are untried - I usually use Orly Star Spangled and Royal Navy for this kind of stuff.

Basecoat:  Gelous (1 coat)
Color:  Nubar Night Sparkle or Fire Sparkle (alternating, 3 coats each)
Topcoat:  Gelous (2 coats)
Topcoat:  Seche Vite (2 coats)

These babies are topcoat devourers like nothing else.  But they are so, so awesome, I wear them anyway.  Obviously, Fire Sparkle is the red glitter and Night Sparkle is the blue one.

Both of these have tinted jelly bases - Night Sparkle is a little more opaque in its base.  At any rate, both covered pretty good at three coats.  I have a lot of red glitters but Night Sparkle may just be my holy grail blue glitter - Royal Navy isn't as glittery as Star Spangled, and its glitter is teal, and Dorothy Who? isn't as primary a blue as I prefer for this style of manicure.

I know you are shocked, but cleanup sucked.  Better off to just be careful.   As usual, I can't comment on wear or removal - I am pretty sure I will be peeling this off as usual.

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