Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Color Club - Wicked Sweet and Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Teal

I love Color Club neons.  They are almost always a joy to apply (I'm looking at you, Starry Temptress).  The Wicked Sweet collection has a twist, though - they are scented.

Wicked Sweet is the blue neon from this collection.  It has a little bit of shimmer and looks a lot like China Glaze "Towel Boy Toy", except I think this is not as bright a blue.  Wicked Sweet is a little bit brush-stroke-y, too.  I meant to take photos of this on its own but I was on a conference call while I was painting my nails and couldn't leave it forgot.

Chunky Holo Teal is a teal jelly loaded with glitter that isn't exactly holo, but it definitely has a multichrome effect that is similar.

Basecoat:  China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (1 coat)
Color:  Color Club Wicked Sweet (3 coats)
Color:  Kleancolor Chunky Holo Teal (3 coats)
Topcoat:  David (1 coat)

Wicked Sweet's application was really good.  I might recommend using a not-sticky base coat because I had a little bit of drag, but it really wasn't too bad.  I had a bit of VNL after three coats so if I was going to wear this alone I might use four coats. It also shows brush strokes, but just a tiny bit.

I thinned the crap out of Chunky Holo Teal before I even tried it.  So, the application was a lot better than the previous Chunky Holos I've tried, but because I thinned it the glitter was a little sparser and I needed three coats to get the coverage I wanted.  It's all good, though, because it's gorgeous, and it's not so thick it will peel off in full-nail sheets.

As to Wicked Sweet?  After three coats of Chunky Holo Teal, and one coat of topcoat... I can definitely still smell it.  I don't know what Wicked Sweet is *supposed* to smell like, but I think it smells like...

....blue SweetTarts.

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