Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 3 - Nutra Nail Gel Polish - Moonstone

I must say, I'm pretty disappointed with this product.  I mean - I wasn't expecting Shellac or Gelish quality, but I did kind of expect something more than what I've gotten out of it.

I took these photos first thing in the morning, because I am fairly confident this won't last the day.  I have huge chips on my index and middle fingers, complete with a huge vertical crack in my middle finger that is barely visible if you embiggen the photo.

Both thumbnails self-destructed yesterday.  The right thumbnail went first.  I tried to save it by filling in the huge chip but it wasn't happening.  Instead I tried using the polish as a regular polish and the activator as a top coat.  That worked flawlessly, for about three hours.  Then it all peeled off in one flexible sheet.

The left thumbnail chipped off in layers.  Seriously.  I could see parts where only the top layer went, and parts where the top two layers went.   I'm guessing that might have been because I polish from pinky to thumb, so that one had the most time to dry out between coats of activator and polish.  Anyway, it was clear by then that this was a failed experiment.

So, what didn't I like?  I didn't like that it self-destructed in such an annoying way, and couldn't be repaired.  Also, since this dries to a hard surface, you have to be careful when it chips, otherwise your bare feet will remind you.  I also didn't like that my nails felt thick and inflexible. I'm guessing that contributed to the catastrophic chips.

I do really, really love this color, though.  I might try it as a regular polish but I'm pretty sure it won't work.  And if you regularly use Shellac or Gelish this might not be a bad option - I've never used either so for all I know this real is comparable, and I'd destroy either of those, too.

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